Harleigh's Happy Hoppers

My first rabbit was a Mini Lop cross way back in 2012. After being convinced by a close friend in in 4H to join 4H and show rabbits I slowly started to develop a love for rabbits and added to my herd. My second rabbit ever was a Chocolate Havana buck named Chester. I had no idea what breed I wanted as I was still really new to the rabbit world. I ended up collecting more and more over the years and found a love in the running breeds. After purchasing my first Tan in 2016 and my first Rhinelander pair in 2017 I knew what I wanted to do. It was runners, I quickly became very knowledgeable about rabbits becoming a youth leader in 4H for the project. I have since sold my Tans after downsizing for college, and now still raise Rhinelanders and English Spots. I am now ageing out of 4H but still plan to show in open shows and continue to better my herd for years to come!