Rhinelander Project

I started a project of breeding in Checkered Giants to increase size and produce better type. As many of my Rhinelanders are lightly marked it has so far been relatively easy to get rid of the checkered type markings.

Currently I have a blue sport doe (Harleigh´s NAPA) out of Circle S´s Indy and Jill´s Aloha with a litter sired by Semb´s Aires (C___). The litter is currently 1 week old and includes many sports, as well as two Checkered marked, lacking the harlequin gene because of the checkered outcross, (one blue one black) kits as well as two Rhinelander marked kits (one blue and one black).

The Rhinelander marked kits have good separation of side spots for an F2 cross. I have also noticed with the outcross that I am seeing a decrease in spine breaks as well as more desirable spine markings.



Harleigh´s NAPA (____) - F1 cross


Blue Sport Sr. Doe

Dam: Jill´s Aloha (ALOHA) - Blue Rhinelander

Sire: Circle S´s Indy (N/A) - Blue Sport Checkered Giant



F2 Cross -

Harleigh´s NAPA(F1 Cross) x Semb´s Aires (Black Rhinelander) - 75% Rhinelander


-Blue "rhinelander" Marked Buck

-Black "rhinelander" Marked Doe

-Blue "checkered" Buck

-Black "checkered" Doe

-Blue "checkered" sport Buck

-Black "rhinelander" sport Buck

-Black "rhinelander" sport Doe

-Black "rhinelander" sport Doe